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Honourable Cat

Honourable Cat - Paul Gallico --My lives with Cats and What They Have Taught Me
--Ailurophiles and Ailurophobes
--Cats versus the Competition
--Are Cats Womany, and Vice Versa
--How Cruel Are Cats?
--They See through Us
--We, the Chosen
--The Mixed Blessing or Not Entirely
--Honourable Us

--Honourable Cat
--The Chair
--Butterflies Were Made to Play With
--Misery's Fence
--The Communal Dish
--The Door
--Always Pause on the Threshold
--Oh How Difficult It Is to Be Young
--The Wizard
--'And Lead Us Not Into...'
--I Should Have Brought My Can Opener
--Counter camouflage
--I Lurk
--Good News
--The Dandelion
--The Plaint of the Calico Cat
--The Mystery
--Short Poem Descriptive of Someone in a Hurry with Something Important on His Mind
--The Secret
--Journey to Nowhere
--The Ballad of Tough Tom
--Set Piece
--Night Watcher
--Chocolate Box
--The Haunted Rug
--The Insult
--The High Place
--Run Kitten Run
--The Catnip Dance
--Not on the Bed
--Rich Cat, Poor Cat
--Bath Call
--Dinner Lineup
--Early Washing