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Ghost Stories (Wordsworth Classics)

Ghost Stories (Wordsworth Classics) - M. R. James Introduction

--Canon Alberic's Scrapbook
--Lost Hearts
--The Mezzotint
--The Ash-tree
--Number 13
--Count Magnus
--'Oh, Whistle, And I'll Come To You, My Lad'
--The Treasure Of Abbot Thomas
--A School Story
--The Rose Garden
--The Tractate Middoth
--Casting The Runes
--The Stalls Of Barchester Cathedral
--Martin's Close
--Mr Humphreys And His Inheritance
--The Residence At Whitminster
--The Diary Of Mr Paynter
--An Episode Of Cathedral History
--The Story Of A Disappearance And An Appearance
--Two Doctors
--The Haunted Dolls' House
--The Uncommon Prayer-book
--A Neighbour's Landmark
--A View From A Hill
--A Warning To The Curious
--An Evenings Entertainment
--There Was A Man Dwelt By A Churchyard
--After Dark In The Playing Fields
--Wailing Well
--Stories I Have Tried To Write