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Leonardo da Vinci: Complete Paintings and Drawings

Leonardo da Vinci: Complete Paintings and Drawings - Johannes Nathan, Frank Zöllner Preface to the 2015 Edition

Leonardo da Vinci - Life and Work, Frank Zöllner
--I The young artist in Florence 1469-1480
--II Professional breakthrough in Florence 1480-1482
--III A fresh start in Milan 1483-1484
--IV Beginnings as court artist in Milan 1485-1494
--V The artist and "science"
--VI From the Last Supper to the fall of Ludovico Sforza 1495-1499
--VII From Mantua to Venice and back to Florence 1500-1503
--VIII Leonardo in Florence 1504-1506: Battle paintings and "muscular rhetoric"
--IX Between Florence and Milan 1506-1510
--X The last years
Bibliographical References (Life and Work)

--Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings, Frank Zöllner
--The "Heidelberg Cicero", Frank Zöllner

The Graphic Work, Frank Zöllner and Johannes Nathan
--Perfecting the art of drawing
--1. Drawings and sketches for surviving or documented paintings
--2. Studies for equestrian monuments and horses
--3. Drawings of human figures, animals and monsters
--4. Drapery studies
--5. Profile studies, character heads and grotesques
--6. Proportion drawings
--7. Anatomical drawings
--8. Allegories, emblems and pictographs
--9. Plant studies
--10. Studies of landscapes, water and "natural catastrophes"
--11. Drawings of maps and plans
--12. Architectural studies
--13. Engineering and machinery studies
--14. Studies for military equipment
--15. Studies of flying machines and bird flight
--16. Studies on light and shade
--17. Leonardo's manuscripts

Concordance of drawings