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The Dogma of Christ & Other Essays on Religion, Psychology & Culture
Erich Fromm

Yellow Tulips: Poems 1968–2011

Yellow Tulips: Poems 1968–2011 - James Fenton from The Memory of War and Children in Exile
--A German Requiem
--In a Notebook
--Dead Soldiers
--Lines for Translation into Any Language
--Children in Exile
--A Vacant Possession
--A Staffordshire Murderer
--The Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford
--God, A Poem
--The Song That Sounds Like This
--The Skip

from Out of Danger
--Beauty, Danger and Dismay
--Out of Danger
--The Possibility
--The Mistake
--I'll Explain
--In Paris with You
--The Milkfish Gatherers
--For Andrew Wood
--Out of the East
--Blood and Lead
--The Ballad of the Imam and the Shah
--I Saw a Child
--The Ballad of the Shrieking Man
--Fireflies of the Sea
--Cut-Throat Christ
--The Ballad of the Birds
--I Know What I'm Missing
--Here Come the Drum Majorettes!
--The Orange Dove of Fiji
--The Manila Manifesto

Recent Work
--At the Kerb
--Yellow Tulips
--The Twister
--Let's Go Over It All Again
--The Vapour Trail
--The Alibi

Spanish Songs:
--1. The Soldier Limping Down the Track
--2. The Ballad of the Raven
--3. The Watching Man
--4. Oh Run to the Door
--5. Wake Now
--6. The Night Comes Down Like a Cloak
--7. I Was Born with a Stain on My Chin

--Martine's Song