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The Dogma of Christ & Other Essays on Religion, Psychology & Culture
Erich Fromm

Singing Yet

Singing Yet - Stan Rice Whiteboy

I. America
--The Skyjacker
--Up Against the Wall
--Fourth of July in the Rich Man's House
--America the Beautiful
--Looking at the Moon During Third Moonwalk
--3 a.m. Opening the Window
--The Dogchain Gang

II. Life with Father
--The Feminine Principle
--The Proposition
--Waiting in the Cafe
--Forgetting Her Birthday
--The Two Dreams
--Storming Out
--Poems and Marriage
--Getting Lost
--Double Solitaire
--First Xmas After Daughterdeath 1972

III. Poems
--The Words Once
--The Old Woman
--I Ride the Flying Pig
--Nature Poems

Some Lamb

I. During
--Playing in the Yard
--Five Rhymes
--Making It Go Away
--Dying Goldfish
--The 29th Month
--Michele Fair
--The Last Supper
--In the Hospital Courtyard
--The Photographs
--Trying to Feel It
--In Debt
--Déjà Vu Again
--Of Nothing
--The Bones of Woe
--Eating It
--Mommie Swims
--The Engines
--Some Lamb

II. After
--Four Wolves
--The Sleep
--Singing Death
--Artist & Model
--Breaking the Silence
--Aesthetic Theory
--Anne's Curls
--Excellence of Excess
--Tragic Rabbit
--Irrational Monologues
--Excess Is Ease
--The Dazzles
--Advocating Melancholy
--Four Days in Another City
--How Keep Dark and Pattern Off

Body of Work

--American Rain
--Their Share
--At the Movies
--Poem on Crawling into Bed: Bitterness
--The Elephant House
--History: Madness
--The Cry-bird Journey
--What Happened When the Milk Came Out
--What Happened in the Hallway
--Thunder & Rain
--Of Heaven
--Metaphysical Shock While Watching a TV Cartoon
--Monkey Hill
--Texas Suite

New Poems (1983-1990)

--The Tongue
--Gone Fishing
--Fear of Homosexual Rape
--Poem Following Discussion of Brain
--Pessimism: The Birds
--Jonathan (Samuel (Abner ) (Ibid and His "Last Words"
--The Iliad
--I Called the Cow
--He Who Waits
--The Palm Trees of Las Vegas
--The Scapegoat
--Madness of Chance
--Madness: Fullgrown
--The Rain of Reason
--After Massacre
--Time in Tool
--Walking with My Son to the Creek in the Dark Which He Fears
--There It Is
--Is It Natural
--20 Gallon Aquarium
--To the Turns
--Note to Ezra
--The Doctrine of Perception as Animal Hunger
--Friends Like These
--Key to the Cow
--Looking Out
--Local Deity
--Icy Gravy
--"What Is Your Prediction?" "No One Will Know the Future."
--Deadletter I
--Deadletter II
--The Fall
--The Literati

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