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Monet and the Birth of Impressionism

Monet and the Birth of Impressionism - Felix Kramer Words of Greeting, by Klaus-Peter Müller
Foreword, by Max Hollein

--Monet and the Birth of Impressionism, Felix Krämer
--"Between the Motif and Me": Visual Filters and Obstructions to Seeing in the Impressionist Image, Nerina Santorius
--Instants, Moments, Minutes: Impressionism and the Industrialisation of Time, André Dombrowski
--Invited or Rebuffed? Exploring the Effects of Early Impressionist Foregrounds, Hollis Clayson

--Prologue: From Non Fini to Impression: The Birth of a New Painting, Isolde Pludermacher

--From Salon Success to Avant-Garde Painting: Claude Monet's Artistic Path to Impressionism, Dorothee Hansen
--A Stage Spectacle: Édouard Manet's The Universal Exhibition of Paris 1867, Felicity Korn
--Provocatively Private: Claude Monet's The Luncheon. Farewell to Figure Painting, Felix Krämer
--Spontaneity and Calculation: Édouard Manet's The Game of Croquet, Marlene Bielefeld
--Berthe Morisot and Her Contribution to the Impressionist Movement, Ingrid Pfeiffer
--The Real in the Artificial: Edgar Degas' Orchestra Musicians, Svenja Mordhorst
--Forms of Contact: August Renoir's After the Luncheon, Beate Söntgen
--The Deceleration of the Gaze: Claude Monet's Exterior of Saint-Lazare Station (The Signal), Nerina Santorius

--Epilogue: Fluid World: The Cultural-Historical Context of Impressionism, Christoph Asendorf

--Of Peaceful Coexistence and Conducive Competition: On the Relationship of Painting and Photography at the Time of Impressionism, Nele Putz
--Impressionism in the Caricature, Chantal Eschenfelder
--Composition Planning and Paint Application in Claude Monet's Oeuvre: Two Paintings from the Collection of the Städel Museum, Eva Bader

Technical Investigations of the Paintings Belonging to the Städel Museum, Eva Bader/Stephan Knobloch
Short Biographies, Maria Zinser

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