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The Complete Poetry

The Complete Poetry - George Orwell, Dione Venables, Peter Davison Foreword, by Dione Venables
Preface: Orwell and poetry, by Peter Davison

--'Awake! Young Men of England'
--Song 1. Come Up, Come Up, Ye Kindly Waves
--Song 2. Three Beggars Begged by Noon & Night
--The Pagan
--Our Minds are Married
--To A.R.H.B.
--Wall Game
--After Twelve
--Ode to Field Days
--The Photographer
--The Wounded Cricketer
--The Youthful Mariner
--Friendship and Love
--Jacintha's Reply
--Dear Friend: Allow Me For a Little While
--Romance. Burma
--When the Franks Have Lost Their Sway
--Brush Your Teeth
--The Lesser Evil
--My Love and I Walked in The Dark
--John Flory: Epitaph
--King Charles II: song by Sir John Digby
--Sometimes in the Middle Autumn Days
--Summer For an Instant
--A Dressed Man and a Naked Man
--from Burmese Days: J. Flory couplet
--On a Ruined Farm Near His Master's Voice Gramophone Factory
--St Andrew's Day, November 1935
--Advertisement: Why Should You be Thin and White? (Keep the Aspidistra Flying)
--A Happy Vicar I Might Have Been
--Scraps of Nonsense Poetry
--The Italian Soldier
--As One Combatant to Another; Letter to 'Obadiah Hornbooke'
--Memories of the Blitz
--Beasts of England (Animal Farm)
--Animal Farm couplet
--Comrade Napoleon (Animal Farm)
--Were There Always These Vistas (Nineteen Eighty-Four)
--Song: Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree (Nineteen Eighty-Four)
--Epitaph to Joseph Higgs

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