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Crow: From the Life and Songs of the Crow

Crow: From the Life and Songs of the Crow - Ted Hughes Publisher's Note

--Two Legends
--Examination at the Womb-door
--A Kill
--Crow and Mama
--The Door
--A Childish Prank
--Crow's First Lesson
--Crow Alights
--That Moment
--Crow Hears Fate Knock on the Door
--Crow Tyrannosaurus
--Crow's Account of the Battle
--The Black Beast
--A Grin
--Crow Communes
--Crow's Account of St George
--A Disaster
--The Battle of Osfrontalis
--Crow's Theology
--Crow's Fall
--Crow and the Birds
--Criminal Ballad
--Crow on the Beach
--The Contender
--Oedipus Crow
--Crow's Vanity
--A Horrible Religious Error
--Crow Tries the Media
--Crow's Nerve Fails
--In Laughter
--Crow Frowns
--Magical Dangers
--Robin Song
--Conjuring in Heaven
--Crow Goes Hunting
--Owl's Song
--Crow's Undersong
--Crow's Elephant Totem Song
--Dawn's Rose
--Crow's Playmates
--The Smile
--Crow Improvises
--Crow's Battle Fury
--Crow Blacker than ever
--Revenge Fable
--A Bedtime Story
--Crow's Song of Himself
--Crow Sickened
--Song for a Phallus
--Apple Tragedy
--Crow Paints Himself into a Chinese Mural
--Crow's Last Stand
--Crow and the Sea
--Truth Kills Everybody
--Crow and Stone
--Fragment of an Ancient Tablet
--Notes for a Little Play
--Snake Hymn
--King of Carrion

Two Eskimo Songs
--I Fleeing From Eternity
--II How Water Began To Play