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The Dogma of Christ & Other Essays on Religion, Psychology & Culture
Erich Fromm

Complete Prose

Complete Prose - Woody Allen Without Feathers
--Selections from the Allen Notebooks
--Examining Psychic Phenomena
--A Guide to Some of the Lesser Ballets
--The Scrolls
--Lovborg's Women Considered
--The Whore of Mensa
--The Early Essays
--A Brief, Yet Helpful, Guide to Civil Disobedience
--Match Wits with Inspector Ford
--The Irish Genius
--Fabulous Tales and Mythical Beasts
--But Soft ... Real Soft
--If the Impressionists Had Been Dentists
--No Kaddish for Weinstein
--Fine Times: An Oral Memoir
--Slang Origins

Getting Even
--The Metterling Lists
--A Look at Organized Crime
--The Schmeed Memoirs
--My Philosophy
--Yes, But Can the Steam Engine Do This?
--Death Knocks
--Spring Bulletin
--Hassidic Tales
--The Gossage-Vardebedian Papers
--Notes from the Overfed
--A Twenties Memory
--Count Dracula
--A Little Louder, Please
--Conversations with Helmholtz
--Viva Vargas!
--The Discovery and Use of the Fake Ink Blot
--Mr. Big

Side Effects
--Remembering Needleman
--The Condemned
--By Destiny Denied
--The UFO Menace
--My Apology
--The Kuglemass Episode
--My Speech to the Graduates
--The Diet
--The Lunatic's Tale
--Reminiscences: Places and People
--Nefarious Times We Live In
--A Giant Step for Mankind
--The Shallowest Man
--The Query
--Fabrizio's: Criticism and Response
--Confessions of a Burglar