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The Dogma of Christ & Other Essays on Religion, Psychology & Culture
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Naked Lunch: The Restored Text

Naked Lunch: The Restored Text - William S. Burroughs Introduction

--Naked Lunch

Original Introductions and Additions by the Author
Deposition: Testimony Concerning a Sickness (1960)
Post Script ... Wouldn't You? (1960)
Afterthoughts on a Deposition (1991)
Letter from a Master Addict to Dangerous Drugs

Burroughs Texts Annexed by the Editors
Editors' Note by Barry Miles and James Grauerholz
Letter to Irving Rosenthal (1960)
The Death of Mel the Waiter (undated)
Outtakes: The Vigilante
Outtakes: The Rube
Outtakes: Benway
Outtakes: The Black Meat
Outtakes: Hospital
Outtakes: A.J.'s Annual Party
Outtakes: Islam Incorporated and the Parties of Interzone
Outtakes: The Examination
Outtakes: Coke Bugs
Outtakes: Hauser and O'Brien
Outtakes: Atrophied Preface