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The Dogma of Christ & Other Essays on Religion, Psychology & Culture
Erich Fromm

Masterpieces of Terror and the Unknown

Masterpieces of Terror and the Unknown - Marvin Kaye, Joyce Carol Oates, Carole Buggé, Darrell Schweitzer Introduction: Gather Ye Nosegays, by Marvin Kaye

Ghosts and Miscellaneous Nightmares
--The Others, Joyce Carol Oates
--Tap Dancing, John Gregory Betancourt
--The Hungry Stones, Rabindranath Tagore
--The Southwest Chamber, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
--The Lost Room, Fitz-James O'Brien
--The Ghost to His Ladye Love, W. S. Gilbert
--The Happy Children, Arthur Machen
--Darby O'Gill and the Good People, Herminie T. Kavanagh
--Keeping His Promise, Algernon Blackwood
--A Day in the Life of Comrade Lenin, Carole Buggé
--The Throwing Suit, Darrell Schweitzer and Jason Van Hollander
--The Man Who Wanted to Be in the Movies, John Jakes

The Beast Within
--Fidel Bassin, W. J. Stamper
--Unsigned Original, Parke Godwin
--The Clemency of the Court, Willa Cather
--The Empty Zoo, Edward D. Hoch
--Beyond Sleep, Barry N. Malzberg
--Finnegan's Wake, Traditional
--Bianca's Hands, Theodore Sturgeon
--The Iron Man, Frederick Laing
--Sagittarius, Ray Russell
--Wolf, Michael Moorcock
--An Illusion in Red and White, Stephen Crane

Acts of God and Other Horrors
--Man Overboard, Winston Churchill
--The People of the Pit, A. Merritt
--In the Avu Observatory, H. G. Wells
--In the Valley of the Shades, C. H. Sherman
--The Thing in the Hall, E. F. Benson
--The Inchcape Rock, Robert Southey
--Mr. Wilde's Second Chance, Joanna Russ
--The Dreams in the Witch-House, H. P. Lovecraft
--The Little Man on the Subway, Isaac Asimov and Frederik Pohl
--The Poems, Ray Bradbury
--Vision Quest, Patrick LoBrutto

Contes Cruelles
--The Man in the Bottle, Gustav Meyrink
--A Diagnosis of Death, Ambrose Bierce
--Remember Me, Joan Vander Putten
--The Pardon, Emilia Pardo-Bazan
--The One Thousand Dozen, Jack London
--Carmanda, Jessica Amanda Salmonson
--The Spirit of Hospitality, Saralee Terry
--The Cripple, Maurice Level
--The Squaw, Bram Stoker
--Pictures, Irving Werner
--The Necklace, Guy de Maupassant
--The Necklace: A Sequel, Jack Moffitt

Fiends and Creatures
--Midnight, Jack Snow
--Ms. Lipshutz and the Goblin, Marvin Kaye
--Amina, Edward Lucas White
--Simpson's Lesser Sphynx, Esther M. Friesner
--Dress of White Silk, Richard Matheson
--The Palace of the Mountain Ogre, Toby Sanders
--Snow White Waking, Adèle Slaughter
--The Little Witch of Elm Street, Mildred Clingerman
--The Brown Man's Servant, W. W. Jacobs
--Poppa Bear, Alvin Vogel
--In Letters of Fire, Gaston Leroux
--Green Magic, Jack Vance