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The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry (Penguin Classics)

The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry (Penguin Classics) - Jon Silkin, George Walter, Various Introduction
A Note on the Text


--On the idle hill of summer, A. E. Housman

1 Your Country Needs You

'Let the foul Scene proceed'
--Channel Firing, Thomas Hardy
--The Eve of War, Geoffrey Faber
--On Receiving the First News of the War, Isaac Rosenberg
--The Marionettes, Walter de la Mare
--August, 1914, John Masefield
--1914: Peace, Rupert Brooke
--Happy is England Now, John Freeman
--'For All We Have and Are', Rudyard Kipling
--This is no case of petty Right or Wrong, Edward Thomas
--To Germany, Charles Hamilton Sorley
--The Poets are Waiting, Harold Monro
--The Dilemma, J. C. Squire

'Who's for the khaki suit'
--The Trumpet, Edward Thomas
--The Call, Jessie Pope
--Recruiting, E. A. Mackintosh
--Soldier: Twentieth Century, Isaac Rosenberg
--Youth in Arms I, Harold Monro
--'I don't want to be a soldier', Soldiers' song
--The Conscript, Wilfrid Gibson
--Rondeau of a Conscientious Objector, D. H. Lawrence
--1914: Safety, Rupert Brooke
--'Now that you too must shortly go the way', Eleanor Farjeon

In Training
--The Kiss, Siegfried Sassoon
--Arms and the Boy, Wilfred Owen
--'All the hills and vales along', Charles Hamilton Sorley
--'We are Fred Karno's army', Soldiers' song
--Song of the Dark Ages, Francis Brett Young
--Sonnets 1917: Servitude, Ivor Gurney
--In Barracks, Siegfried Sassoon
--The Last Post, Robert Graves
--In Training, Edward Shanks
--Youth in Arms II: Soldier, Harold Monro
--'Men Who March Away' (Song of the Soldiers), Thomas Hardy
--Marching Men, Marjorie Pickthall
--The Send-off, Wilfred Owen
--Fragment, Rupert Brooke

2 Somewhere in France

In Trenches
--First Time In, Ivor Gurney
--Break of Day in the Trenches, Isaac Rosenberg
--'Bombed last night', Soldiers' song
--Breakfast, Wilfrid Gibson
--In the Trenches, Richard Aldington
--Winter Warfare, Edgell Rickword
--Futility, Wilfred Owen
--Exposure, Wilfred Owen
--'We're here because we're here', Soldiers' song
--Poem. Abbreviated from the Conversation of Mr. T. E. H., Ezra Pound
--Illusions, Edmund Blunden
--The Silent One, Ivor Gurney
--Moonrise over Battlefield, Edgell Rickword
--The Redeemer, Siegfried Sassoon
--Serenade, Ivor Gurney

Behind the Lines
--Returning, We Hear The Larks, Isaac Rosenberg
--After War, Ivor Gurney
--Grotesque, Frederic Manning
--Louse Hunting, Isaac Rosenberg
--At Senlis Once, Edmund Blunden
--Crucifix Corner, Ivor Gurney
--Vlamertinghe: Passing the Chateau, July, 1917, Edmund Blunden
--Dead Cow Farm, Robert Graves
--The Sower (Eastern France), Laurence Binyon
--August, 1918 (In a French Village), Maurice Baring
--'Therefore is the name of it called Babel', Osbert Sitwell
--War, Lesley Coulson

Comrades of War
--Canadians, Ivor Gurney
--Banishment, Siegfried Sassoon
--Woodbine Willie, G. A. Studdert Kennedy
--Apologia pro Poemate Meo, Wilfred Owen
--My Company, Herbert Read
--Before the Battle, Martin Armstrong
--Nameless Men, Edward Shillito
--Greater Love, Wilfred Owen
--In Memoriam Private D. Sutherland killed in Action in the German Trench, May 16, 1916, and the Others who Died, E. A. Mackintosh
--To his Love, Ivor Gurney
--Trench Poets, Edgell Rickword

3 Action

Rendezvous with Death
--Before Action, W. N. Hodgson
--Into Battle, Julian Grenfell
--Lights Out, Edward Thomas
--'I have a rendezvous with Death', Alan Seeger
--Two Sonnets, Charles Hamilton Sorley
--1914: The Soldier, Rupert Brooke
--The Mother, May Herschel-Clark
--'I tracked a dead man down a trench', W. S. S. Lyon
--Ballad of the Three Spectres, Ivor Gurney
--The Question, Wilfrid Gibson
--The Soldier Addresses His Body, Edgell Rickword
--The Day's March, Robert Nichols

--Eve of Assault: Infantry Going Down to Trenches, Robert Nichols
--Headquarters, Gilbert Frankau
--Bombardment, D. H. Lawrence
--The Shell, H. Smalley Sarson
--Bombardment, Richard Aldington
--On Somme, Ivor Gurney
--Before the Charge, Patrick MacGill
--It's a Queer Time, Robert Graves
--The Face, Frederic Manning
--Gethsemane, Rudyard Kipling
--Anthem for Doomed Youth, Wilfred Owen
--The Navigators, W. J. Turner
--Spring Offensive, Wilfred Owen
--Counter-Attack, Siegfried Sassoon
--Youth in Arms III: Retreat, Harold Monro

--Back to Rest, W. N. Hodgson
--Dulce et Decorum est, Wilfred Owen
--Field Ambulance in Retreat, May Sinclair
--A Memory, Margaret Sackville
--Dead Man's Dump, Isaac Rosenberg
--Youth in Arms IV: Carrion, Harold Monro
--A Dead Boche, Robert Graves
--Soliloquy II, Richard Aldington
--Butchers and Tombs, Ivor Gurney
--A Private, Edward Thomas
--The Volunteer, Herbert Asquith
--In Flanders Fields, John McCrae
--1914: The Dead, Rupert Brooke
--1914: The Dead, Rupert Brooke
--'When you see millions of the mouthless dead', Charles Hamilton Sorley
--Strange Meeting, Wilfred Owen
--Prisoners, F. W. Harvey
--His Mate, Wilfrid Gibson
--Epitaphs: The Coward, Rudyard Kipling
--The Deserter, Gilbert Frankau
--My Boy Jack, Rudyard Kipling
--Easter Monday, Eleanor Farjeon

4 Blighty

Going Back
--'I Want to go home', Soldiers' song
--If We Return (Rondeau), F. W. Harvey
--Blighty, Ivor Gurney
--War Girls, Jessie Pope
--Home Service, Geoffrey Faber
--The Survivor Comes Home, Robert Graves
--Sick Leave, Siegfried Sassoon
--Reserve, Richard Aldington
--Wife and Country, Gilbert Frankau
--Girl to Soldier on Leave, Isaac Rosenberg
--The Pavement, Francis Brett Young
--Not to Keep, Robert Frost
--Going Back, D. H. Lawrence

The Other War
--'I wore a tunic', Soldiers' song
--'Blighters', Siegfried Sassoon
--Ragtime, Wilfrid Gibson
--Ragtime, Osbert Sitwell
--The Admonition: To Betsey, Helen Parry Eden
--Air-Raid, Wilfrid Gibson
--Zeppelins, Nancy Cunard
--'Education', Pauline Barrington
--Socks, Jessie Pope
--A War Film, Theresa Hooley
--The War Films, Sir Henry Newbolt
--The Dancers (During a Great Battle, 1916), Edith Sitwell
--Epitaphs: A Son, Rudyard Kipling
--'I looked up from my writing', Thomas Hardy
--Picnic July 1917, Rose Macaulay
--As the Team's Head-Brass, Edward Thomas
--The Farmer, 1917, Fredegond Shove
--May, 1915, Charlotte Mew

Lucky Blighters
--'They', Siegfried Sassoon
--Portrait of a Coward, Ivor Gurney
--In A Soldiers' Hospital I: Pluck, Eva Dobell
--In A Soldiers' Hospital II: Gramophone Tunes, Eva Dobell
--Hospital Sanctuary, Vera Brittain
--Convalescence, Amy Lowell
--Smile, Smile, Smile, Wilfred Owen
--The Beau Ideal, Jessie Pope
--The Veteran, Margaret Postgate Cole
--Repression of War Experience, Siegfried Sassoon
--A Child's Nightmare, Robert Graves
--Mental Cases, Wilfred Owen
--The Death-Bed, Siegfried Sassoon

5 Peace

Everyone Sang
--'When this bloody war is over', Soldiers' song
--Preparations for Victory, Edmund Blunden
--'Apr├Ęs la guerre finie', Soldiers' song
--Everyone Sang, Siegfried Sassoon
--Peace Celebration, Osbert Sitwell
--Paris, November 11, 1918, May Wedderburn Cannan
--It Is Near Toussaints, Ivor Gurney
--Two Fusiliers, Robert Graves
--Report on Experience, Edmund Blunden
--Dead and Buried, G. A. Studdert Kennedy

The Dead and the Living
--For the Fallen, Laurence Binyon
--The Cenotaph, Charlotte Mew
--The Silence, Sir John Adcock
--Armistice Day, 1921, Edward Shanks
--'Out of the Mouths of Babes -', F. W. Harvey
--Memorial Tablet (Great War), Siegfried Sassoon
--Elegy in a Country Churchyard, G. K. Chesterton
--Epitaphs: Common Form, Rudyard Kipling
--Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries, A. E. Housman
--On Passing the New Menin Gate, Siegfried Sassoon
--Hugh Selwyn Mauberley: V, Ezra Pound
--War and Peace, Edgell Rickword
--A Generation (1917), J. C. Squire
--Disabled, Wilfred Owen
--Strange Hells, Ivor Gurney
--The Superfluous Woman, Vera Brittain
--Men Fade Like Rocks, J. W. Turner

'Have you forgotten yet?'
--High Wood, Philip Johnstone
--Picture-Show, Siegfried Sassoon
--Festubert, 1916, Edmund Blunden
--Lamplight, May Wedderburn Cannan
--Recalling War, Robert Graves
--War Books, Ivor Gurney
--Aftermath, Siegfried Sassoon
--If ye Forget, G. A. Studdert Kennedy
--The Midnight Skaters, Edmund Blunden
--Ancient History, Siegfried Sassoon
--The Next War, Osbert Sitwell
--The War Generation: Ave, Vera Brittain
--To a Conscript of 1940, Herbert Read


--Ancre Sunshine, Edmund Blunden

A Glossary of the Western Front
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