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Selected Poems, 1947-1995

Selected Poems, 1947-1995 - Allen Ginsberg Acknowledgements
Apologia of Selection

I. Empty Mirror: Gates of Wrath (1947-1952)
--In Society
--The Bricklayer's Lunch Hour
--The Trembling of the Veil
--A Western Ballad
--Pull My Daisy
--The Shrouded Stranger
--The Archetype Poem
--Marijuana Notation
--A Crazy Spiritual

II. The Green Automobile (1953-1954)
--The Green Automobile
--Green Valentine Blues
--Siesta in Xbalba (selections)
--In back of the real
--On Burroughs' Work
--Love Poem on Theme by Whitman

III. Howl, Before & After: San Francisco Bay Area (1955-1956)
--Malest Cornifici Tuo Catullo
--Dream Record: June 8, 1955
--Footnote to Howl
--A Strange New Cottage in Berkeley
--A Supermarket in California
--Sunflower Sutra
--Many Loves

IV. Reality Sandwiches: Europe! Europe! (1957-1959)
--Death to Van Gogh's Ear!
--The Lion for Real
--The Names
--To Lindsay
--To Aunt Rose
--My Sad Self

V. Kaddish and Related Poems (1959-1960)
--Kaddish: Proem, Narrative, Hymmnn, Lament, Litany and Fugue
--Psalm IV
--Magic Psalm
--The End

VI. Planet News: To Europe and Asia (1961-1963)
--Television Was a Baby Crawling Toward That Deathchamber (selections)
--This Form of Life Needs Sex
--Describe: The Rain on Dasaswamedh Ghat
--Patna-Benares Express
--The Change: Kyoto-Tokyo Express

VII. King of May: America to Europe (1963-1965)
--I Am a Victim of Telephone
--Kral Majales
--Who Be Kind To

VIII. The Fall of America (1965-1971)
--First Party at Ken Kesey's with Hell's Angels
--These States: into L.A. (selections)
--Wichita Vortex Sutra I (selections), II
--Kansas City to Saint Louis (selections)
--Iron Horse (selections)
--City Midnight Junk Strains
--Autumn Gold: New England Fall (selections)
--Wales Visitation
--Elegy for Neal Cassady
--Kiss Ass
--Please Master
--On Neal's Ashes
--Rain-wet asphalt heat, garbage curbed cans overflowing
--Memory Gardens (selections)
--Milarepa Taste
--September on Jessore Road

IX. Mind Breaths All Over the Place (1972-1977)
--Vomit Express
--Jimmy Berman Rag
--4 AM Blues
--New York Blues
--NY Youth Call Annunciation
--Come Back Christmas: Blues Stanza
--Slack Key Guitar
--Reef Mantra
--Bus Ride Ballad Road to Suva
--Xmas Gift
--Ayers Rock/Uluru Song
--Everybody Sing
--Prayer Blues
--Broken Bone Blues
--Under the world there's a lot of ass, a lot of cunt
--Returning to the Country for a Brief Visit (selections)
--Night Gleam
--Mind Breaths
--Stay Away from the White House
--Jaweh and Allah Battle
--Hardon Blues
--Sad Dust Glories (selections)
--Ego Confessions
--Mugging (Part I)
--Dope Fiend Blues
--Guru Blues
--Sickness Blues
--Gospel Noble Truths
--Lay Down Yr Mountain
--Don't Grow Old Part I
--Part II
--Part III
--Part IV
--Part V (Father Death Blues)
--Contest of Bards (selections)
--Punk Rock Your My Big Crybaby

X. Plutonian Ode (1977-1980)
--Love Replied
--Manhattan May Day Midnight
--Nagasaki Days: Everybody's Fantasy
--Plutonian Ode
--Old Pond
--Spring Fashions
--Love Forgiven
--Lower East Side (After Reznikoff)
--τεθνάκην δ' ολίγω 'πιδεύης φαίνομ' αλαία
--Fourth Floor, Dawn, Up All Night Writing Letters
--"Defending the Faith"
--Capitol Air

XI. White Shroud (1980-1985)
--Those Two
--Homage Vajracarya
--Why I Meditate
--Love Comes
--Airplane Blues
--Do the Meditation Rock
--"What You Up To?"
--136 Syllables at Rocky Mountain Dharma Center
--White Shroud
--Written in My Dream by W. C. Williams
--Reading Bai Juyi (I, V, VI & VII)

XII. Cosmopolitan Greetings (1986-1992)
--Cosmopolitan Greetings
--Personal Ad
--May Days 1988
--Return of Kral Majales
--Hum Bom!
--After the Big Parade
--Yiddishe Kopf
--After Lalon
--Put Down Your Cigarette Rag (Dont Smoke)
--The Charnel Ground
--Autumn Leaves
--American Sentences

XIII. New Poems (1992- )
--C'mon Pigs of Western Civilization Eat More Grease
--New Stanzas for Amazing Grace
--The Ballad of the Skeletons

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Index of Titles, First Lines, and Original Book Sources