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The Dogma of Christ & Other Essays on Religion, Psychology & Culture
Erich Fromm

The Collected Stories

The Collected Stories - Katherine Mansfield, Ali Smith Introduction and Notes
Selected Further Reading

--Je ne Parle pas Français
--The Wind Blows
--The Man Without a Temperament
--Mr. Reginald Peacock's Day
--Sun and Moon
--Feuille d'Album
--A Dill Pickle
--The Little Governess
--The Escape

The Garden-Party
--At the Bay
--The Garden-Party
--The Daughters of the Late Colonel
--Mr. and Mrs. Dove
--The Young Girl
--Life of Ma Parker
--Marriage à la Mode
--The Voyage
--Miss Brill
--Her First Ball
--The Singing Lesson
--The Stranger
--Bank Holiday
--An Ideal Family
--The Lady's Maid

The Doves' Nest
--The Doll's House
--A Cup of Tea
--Taking the Veil
--The Fly
--The Canary

Unfinished Stories
--A Married Man's Story
--The Doves' Nest
--Six Years After
--Father and the Girls
--All Serene!
--A Bad Idea
--A Man and His Dog
--Such a Sweet Old Lady
--Second Violin
--Mr. and Mrs. Williams
--Weak Heart

Something Childish
--The Tiredness of Rosabel
--How Pearl Button was Kidnapped
--The Journey to Bruges
--A Truthful Adventure
--New Dresses
--The Woman at the Store
--Ole Underwood
--The Little Girl
--Pension Séguin
--Bains Turcs
--Something Childish but very Natural
--An Indiscreet Journey
--Spring Pictures
--Late at Night
--Two Tuppenny Ones, Please
--The Black Cap
--A Suburban Fairy Tale
--This Flower
--The Wrong House

In a German Pension
--Germans at Meat
--The Baron
--The Sister of the Baroness
--Frau Fischer
--Frau Brechenmacher Attends a Wedding
--The Modern Soul
--At Lehmann's
--The Luft Bad
--A Birthday
--The Child-Who-Was-Tired
--The Advanced Lady
--The Swing of the Pendulum
--A Blaze