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Letters on England

Letters on England - Voltaire, Leonard Tancock Introduction

Letters on England

--Letter 1: On the Quakers
--Letter 2: On the Quakers
--Letter 3: On the Quakers
--Letter 4: On the Quakers
--Letter 5: On the Anglican Religion
--Letter 6: On the Presbyterians
--Letter 7: On the Socinians, Arians or Anti-Trinitarians
--Letter 8: On Parliament
--Letter 9: On the Government
--Letter 10: On Commerce
--Letter 11: On Inoculation with Smallpox
--Letter 12: On Chancellor Bacon
--Letter 13: On Mr Locke
--Letter 14: On Descartes and Newton
--Letter 15: On the System of Gravitation
--Letter 16: On the Optics of Newton
--Letter 17: On Infinity and Chronology
--Letter 18: On Tragedy
--Letter 19: On Comedy
--Letter 20: On Noble Lords who cultivate literature
--Letter 21: On the Earl of Rochester and Mr Waller
--Letter 22: On Mr Pope and some other famous poets
--Letter 23: On the Consideration due to Men of Letters
--Letter 24: On Academies
--Letter 25: On the Pensées of Pascal

Appendix: Voltaire's Verse Translations
Chronology of Voltaire's Life and Times
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