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Collected Poems

Collected Poems - Philip Larkin, Anthony Thwaite Introduction

The North Ship
--'All catches alight'
--'This was your place of birth, this daytime palace'
--'The moon is full tonight'
--'Kick up the fire, and let the flames break loose'
--'The horns of the morning'
--'Climbing the hill within the deafening wind'
--'Within the dream you said'
--'Like the train's beat'
--'I put my mouth'
--Nursery Tale
--The Dancer
--'The bottle is drunk out by one'
--'To write one song, I said'
--'If grief could burn out'
--Ugly Sister
--'I see a girl dragged by the wrists'
--'I dreamed of an out-thrust arm of land'
--'One man walking a deserted platform'
--'If hands could free you, heart'
--'Love, we must part now: do not let it be'
--'Morning has spread again'
--'This is the first thing'
--'Heaviest of flowers, the head'
--'Is it for now or for always'
--'Pour away that youth'
--'So through that unripe day you bore your head'
--The North Ship
--'Waiting for breakfast, while she brushed her hair'

The Less Deceived
--Lines on a Young Lady's Photograph Album
--Places, Loved Ones
--Reasons for Attendance
--Next, Please
--Maiden Name
--Born Yesterday
--Whatever Happened?
--No Road
--Church Going
--Poetry of Departures
--Triple Time
--I Remember, I Remember
--Latest Face
--If, My Darling
--Arrivals, Departures
--At Grass

The Whitsun Weddings
--Mr Bleaney
--Nothing To Be Said
--Love Songs in Age
--Naturally the Foundation will Bear Your Expenses
--Faith Healing
--For Sidney Bechet
--Home is so Sad
--Toads Revisited
--The Whitsun Weddings
--Self's the Man
--Take One Home for the Kiddies
--Talking in Bed
--The Large Cool Store
--A Study of Reading Habits
--As Bad as a Mile
--The Importance of Elsewhere
--Sunny Prestatyn
--First Sight
--Dockery and Son
--Reference Back
--Wild Oats
--Essential Beauty
--Send No Money
--An Arundel Tomb

High Windows
--To the Sea
--Sympathy in White Major
--The Trees
--Forget What Did
--High Windows
--Friday Night in the Royal Station Hotel
--The Old Fools
--Going, Going
--The Card-Players
--The Building
--Homage to a Government
--This Be The Verse
--How Distant
--Sad Steps
--Annus Mirabilis
--Vers de société
--Show Saturday
--Cut Grass
--The Explosion

Appendix I: Uncollected Poems 1940-1972
--A Writer
--May Weather
--Mythological Introduction
--A Stone Church Damaged by a Bomb
--Femmes Damnées
--The Dedicated
--Fiction and the Reading Public
--'Who called love conquering'
--'Since the majority of me'
--Success Story
--Continuing to Live
--'When the Russian tanks roll westward'
--Heads in the Women's Ward

Appendix II: Uncollected Poems 1974-1984
--The Life with a Hole in it
--Bridge for the Living
--'New eyes each year'
--The Mower
--'Dear CHARLES, My Muse, asleep or dead'
--'By day, a lifted study-storehouse'
--Party Politics

Appendix III: Composition dates and dates of first appearance
Index of titles
Index of first lines