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Selected Poems and Fragments

Selected Poems and Fragments - Friedrich Hölderlin, Jeremy Adler, Michael Hamburger Foreword
Biographical Note

Odes and Epigrams (1797-1799)

Epigrams (1797)
--Good Advice
--Descriptive Poetry
--To Diotima
--Diotima ('Bliss of the heavenly Muse...')
--To the Fates
--Diotima ('You suffer and keep silent and, strange to them...')
--To Her Genius
--Plea for Forgiveness
--Then and Now
--The Course of Life ('High my spirit aspired...')
--Human Applause
--Home ('Content the boatman turns...')
--Good Faith
--Her Recovery ('Nature, she who's your friend...')
--The Unpardonable
--To the Young Poets
--To the Germans ('Do not laugh...')
--The Sanctimonious Poets
--To Our Great Poets
--Socrates and Alcibiades

Epigrams (1799)
--The Angry Poet
--The Root of All Evil

The Later Odes (1798-1803)

--Hyperion's Song of Fate
--In my boyhood days...
--The Spirit of the Age
--Evening Fantasy
--In the Morning
--The River Main
--My Possessions
--To Princess Augusta of Homburg
--Go down, then, lovely sun...
--To the Germans ('Never laugh at...')
--Heidelberg (Alcaic version)
--The Neckar
--Home ('Content the boatman turns...')
--The Course of Life ('More you also desired...')
--Her Recovery ('Nature, look, your most loved...')
--The Farewell (second version)
--Diotima ('You suffer and keep silent, unknown...')
--Return to the Homeland
--The Ancestral Portrait
--The Departed
--Exhortation (second version)
--Nature and Art or Saturn and Jupiter
--Sung beneath the Alps
--The Poet's Vocation
--Voice of the People (second version)
--The Blind Singer
--To Hope
--The Poet's Courage (first version)
--The Fettered River

Hexameters and Elegies (1800-1801)

--The Archipelago
--Menon's Lament for Diotima
--The Traveller
--Bread and Wine

The Hymns (1799-1803)

--The Ages of Life
--Half of Life
--The Nook at Hardt
--As on a holiday...
--At the Source of the Danube
--The Journey
--The Rhine
--Celebration of Peace
--The Only One (first version)
--The Only One (second version)
--Patmos (fragments of the later version)
--The Ister
--Mnemosyne (third version)

Fragments of Other Hymns (1800-1805)

--German Song
--Home ('And no one knows...')
--For when the grape-vine's sap...
--On fallow foliage...
--What is the life of men...
--What is God?...
--To the Virgin Mary
--The Titans
--At one time I questioned the Muse...
--But when the heavenly...
--The Eagle
--You firmly built alps...
--Whatever is Nearest (third version)
--When there's a flaming...
--For from the abyss...
--In Socrates' Time
--Greece (third version)

Last Poems (1807-1843)

--If from the distance...
--On the Birth of a Child
--The world's agreeable things...
--To Zimmer ('The lines of life...')
--The Merry Life
--The Walk
--Spring ('New day descends...')
--Summer ('When then the blooms...')
--Summer ('Still you can see...')
--Autumn ('Nature's bright gleam...')
--Winter ('When past, unseen...')
--Spring ('When springtime from the depth...')

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Index of English first lines
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