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Collected Stories

Collected Stories - Elizabeth Bowen Introduction

First Stories

--The Return
--The Confidante
--All Saints
--The New House
--The Lover
--Mrs Windermere
--The Shadowy Third
--The Evil that Men Do --
--Sunday Evening
--Coming Home

The Twenties

--Ann Lee's
--The Parrot
--The Visitor
--The Contessina
--Human Habitation
--The Secession
--Making Arrangements
--The Storm
--The Back Drawing-Room
--Recent Photograph
--Joining Charles
--The Jungle
--Shoes: An International Episode
--The Dancing-Mistress
--Aunt Tatty
--Dead Mabelle
--The Working Party
--The Cassowary
--Mrs Moysey

The Thirties

--The Tommy Crans
--The Good Girl
--The Cat Jumps
--The Last Night in the Old Home
--The Disinherited
--Her Table Spread
--The Little Girl's Room
--Firelight in the Flat
--The Man of the Family
--The Needlecase
--The Apple Tree
--Tears, Idle Tears
--A Walk in the Woods
--A Love Story
--Look at All Those Roses
--Attractive Modern Homes
--The Easter Egg Party
--No. 16
--A Queer Heart
--The Girl with the Stoop

The War Years

--Unwelcome Idea
--Oh, Madam ...
--Summer Night
--In the Square
--Sunday Afternoon
--The Inherited Clock
--The Cheery Soul
--Songs My Father Sang Me
--The Demon Lover
--Careless Talk
--The Happy Autumn Fields
--Ivy Gripped the Steps
--Pink May
--Green Holly
--Mysterious Kôr
--The Dolt's Tale

Post-War Stories

--I Hear You Say So
--Gone Away
--Hand in Glove
--A Day in the Dark

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