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Franz Kafka: The Complete Stories

Franz Kafka: The Complete Stories - Franz Kafka, Nahum N. Glatzer, John Updike Foreword, by John Updike

Two Introductory Parables

--Before the Law
--An Imperial Message

The Longer Stories

--Description of a Struggle
--Wedding Preparations in the Country
--The Judgment
--The Metamorphosis
--In the Penal Colony
--The Village Schoolmaster [The Giant Mole]
--Blumfeld, an Elderly Bachelor
--The Warden of the Tomb
--A Country Doctor
--The Hunter Gracchus
--The Hunter Gracchus: A Fragment
--The Great Wall of China
--The News of the Building of the Wall: A Fragment
--A Report to an Academy
--A Report to an Academy: Two Fragments
--The Refusal
--A Hunger Artist
--Investigations of a Dog
--A Little Woman
--The Burrow
--Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse Folk

The Shorter Stories

--Children on a Country Road
--The Trees
--Excursion into the Mountains
--The Street Window
--The Tradesman
--Absent-minded Window-gazing
--The Way Home
--On the Tram
--Reflections for Gentlemen-Jockeys
--The Wish to Be a Red Indian
--Bachelor's Ill Luck
--Unmasking a Confidence Trickster
--The Sudden Walk
--A Dream
--Up in the Gallery
--A Fratricide
--The Next Village
--A Visit to a Mine
--Jackals and Arabs
--The Bridge
--The Bucket Rider
--The New Advocate
--An Old Manuscript
--The Knock at the Manor Gate
--Eleven Sons
--My Neighbor
--A Crossbreed [A Sport]
--The Cares of a Family Man
--A Common Confusion
--The Truth about Sancho Panza
--The Silence of the Sirens
--The City Coat of Arms
--At Night
--The Problem of Our Laws
--The Conscription of Troops
--The Test
--The Vulture
--The Helmsman
--The Top
--A Little Fable
--First Sorrow
--The Departure
--The Married Couple
--Give it Up!
--On Parables

Editors and Translators
On the Material Included in this Volume
Selected Writings on Kafka