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The Dogma of Christ & Other Essays on Religion, Psychology & Culture
Erich Fromm

Up in the Old Hotel

Up in the Old Hotel - Joseph Mitchell Introduction, by William Fiennes
Author's Note

McSorley's Wonderful Saloon

--The Old House at Home
--Hit on the Head with a Cow
--Professor Sea Gull
--A Spism and a Spasm
--Lady Olga
--Evening with a Gifted Child
--A Sporting Man
--The Cave Dwellers
--King of the Gypsies
--The Gypsy Women
--The Deaf-Mutes Club
--Santa Claus Smith
--The Don't-Swear Man
--Obituary of a Gin Mill
--Houdini's Picnic
--The Mohawks in High Steel
--All You Can Hold for Five Bucks
--A Mess of Clams
--The Same as Monkey Glands

--Goodbye, Shirley Temple
--On the Wagon
--The Kind Old Blonde
--I Couldn't Dope It Out

--The Downfall of Fascism in Black Ankle County
--I Blame It All on Mamma
--Uncle Dockery and the Independent Bull

Old Mr Flood

--Old Mr Flood
--The Black Clams
--Mr Flood's Party

The Bottom of the Harbor

--Up in the Old Hotel
--The Bottom of the Harbor
--The Rats on the Waterfront
--Mr Hunter's Grave
--Dragger Captain
--The Riverman

--Joe Gould's Secret