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The Dogma of Christ & Other Essays on Religion, Psychology & Culture
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After the Open Society: Selected Social and Political Writings

After the Open Society: Selected Social and Political Writings - Karl Popper, Piers  Norris Turner, Jeremy Shearmur Editorial Introduction
Popper's Books

--Optimist, pessimist and pragmatist views of scientific knowledge (1963)

Memories of Austria
--Julius Kraft, 1898-1960 (1962)
--Memories of Otto Neurath (1973)
--Preface to Fritz Kolb, Es kam ganz anders (It all turned out very differently) (1981)
--Anti-semitism in Austria: a letter to Friedrich Hayek (1969)

Lectures from New Zealand
--Science and religion (1940); appendix: Karl Popper on God: interview with Edward Zerin (1969/1998)
--Ideal and reality in society (1940)
--Moral man and immoral society (1940)
--Is there a meaning in history? (1940)

On The Open Society
--Correspondence with Carnap on social philosophy (1940-50)
--Letter to Fritz Hellin on The Open Society (1943)
--Letter to Alfred Braunthal on The Open Society (1943)
--Uniting the camp of humanitarianism (1943-7)
--Public and private values (1946?); appendix: 'Utopianism and the open society'
--The theory of totalitarianism: a talk on The Open Society (1946?); appendix 1: The open and the closed society; appendix 2: The treatment of Germany
--Social institutions and personal responsibility (1947)
--The Open Society after five years: prefaces to the American edition of The Open Society (1948-50)
--Platonic holiday (1948)
--Response to de Vries (1952)
--On The Free Man's Library (1956)
--Letters to Isaiah Berlin (1959 and 1989)
--Historical explanation: an interview (1962/1966)
--Correspondence with Ernst Badian on Aristotle's political views (1965)
--Plato (1968)

The Cold War and After
--The open society and the democratic state (1963)
--Popper to Hayek on the abstract society and 'inner freedom' (1964)
--The status of science: a broadcast to Russia (1963)
--A note on the Cold War (1966)
--How to get out of Vietnam (1969)
--On For Conservatives Only (1970)
--Was ist liberal? (What is it to be liberal?) (1972)
--On reason and the open society: a conversation (1972)
--For a better world (1973)
--Historical prophecy as an obstacle to peace (1973)
--To Bryan Magee on nationalization (1974)
--Preface to the second Italian edition of The Poverty of Historicism (1975)
--On The New Liberty (after 1975)
--On toleration (1981)
--The importance of critical discussion: an argument for human rights and democracy (1981/2)
--The critical attitude in medicine: the need for a new ethics (1983)
--Response upon receiving the Award of the Fondation Tocqueville (1984)
--On democracy (1988)
--Outline of my views of what matters (1988)
--Historicism and the Soviet Union (1991)
--The Open Society today: its great yet limited success (1991)
--A letter to my Russian readers (1992)
--The communist road to self-enslavement (1992); appendix: Tribute to the life and work of Friedrich Hayek
--Europe now exists (1993)
--The power of television (1994)