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Hokusai - Gian Carlo Calza Acknowledgements
A Note to the Reader

--Hokusai: a Universe, Gian Carlo Calza
--The Young Hokusai, Roger S. Keyes
--Western Influences in Hokusai's Art, Matthi Forrer
--'All Creation is the Teacher': Hokusai the Individualist in Two of his Painting Manuals, John M. Rosenfield
--Love's Labours Found: the Erotic Art of Hokusai, Richard Lane
--Surimono Art and Literary Circles: the Genroku kasen kai awase and Umazukushi Series, Asano Shūgō
--In a Fantasy World: Hokusai's Late Works, Tsuji Nobuo
--Hokusai's Letters, Kobayashi Tadashi

--I. Under the Sign of the Dragon: the Shunrō Period
--II. Individualism and Autonomy: the Sōri Period
--III. Maturity: the Hokusai Period
--IV. Handbooks, Handbooks, Handbooks: the Taito Period
--V. Revolution in Landscape: the Iitsu Period
--VI. Beyond the Impossible: the Manji Period
--VII. Beyond the Margins of the Western Sea: Hokusai and Japonisme

--List of Works

Index of works by Hokusai
General Index