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Michelangelo. Complete Works

Michelangelo. Complete Works - Frank Zollner, Christof Thoenes, Thomas Popper Preface

Michelangelo Buonarroti - Life and Work, Frank Zöllner, Christof Thoenes
--The start of a magnificent career 1475-1491
--Between Florence, Bologna and Rome 1492-1500
--The breakthrough in Florence 1501-1504
--Between Rome and Florence 1505-1508
--The Sistine Ceiling 1508-1512
--The architect in Florence 1513-1534
--The sculptor 1513-1534
--Presentation drawings and Last Judgement 1534-1541
--The architect in Rome 1534-1564
--Late works: The final paintings and sculptures 1540-1564


--Catalogue of sculptures, Frank Zöllner
--Catalogue of paintings, Frank Zöllner
--Catalogue of architecture, Christof Thoenes

Catalogue of Drawings, Thomas Pöpper, Christof Thoenes
--"a fare le figure" - the art of drawing
--1. Autodidactic sheets, c. 1490-1505/06
--2. Early religious subjects, early commissions and the Julius Tomb, 1501/02-1531/32
--3. The Sistine Ceiling, 1508-1512
--4. Anatomical and proportional drawings, 1510s-1530s
--5. Tombs, utensils and the New Sacristy/Medici Chapel, 1516/18-1544/45
--6. Religious and mythological subjects, 1517/20-1534
--7. Didactic sheets, masks and caricatures, 1504-1528
--8. Divine Heads and other gift drawings, 1520/25-c. 1533
--9. The Last Judgement and the Pauline Chapel, 1533/34-1546/47
--10. Late religious drawings, 1545-c. 1560
--11. Other drawings and sketches of marble blocks, 1517/18-1547
--12. The architectural drawings
--13. Tommaso de' Cavalieri's collection of drawings

Concordance of drawings
Bibliographical sources (Life and Work)